FIFO Racking / Racks / Rack Systems (First In First Out)

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of FIFO Racking / Racks / Rack Systems (First In First Out Racking), Cantilever Racking from Nashik, Maharashtra, India.

As it applies to warehouse and distribution facilities, "FIFO System" means ensuring that the oldest pallets and products are shipped before the newer ones, thus properly rotating the stock. First in first out racking system is very effective storage system where you can maintain material batch wise. It is more use in Pharmaceutical, Food, Automobile Industries, Etc., sector where maintaining a product date wise is so important. So this is very versatile racking system. There is big difference between other rack and fifo rack. It is also called a gravity flow rack, where you have to keep material at one end and with gravity its goes to other end. So the first box you keep on roller will go first and second follow it. It is very sturdy structure , we use nylon roller for it. We make c type track for roller fitting, they are adjustable. You can adjust that roller track as per your box size. Its use maximum space of warehouse, operation are manual. You have direct access to it.

Components used:
Vertical Upright - 12 Bend, Bracing, Horizontal Bracing, Cross Bracing, Box Beam, Roller Track, Roller, Connectors, Column Guard, Base Plate, Hardware, Etc.