Manual Pallet Stackers

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Manual Pallet Stackers from Nashik, Maharashtra, India. Such product is also known as Manual Stackers, Hydraulic Stackers, Manual Hydraulic Stackers, Pallet Lifters, Pallet Movers.

Nikam Manual Pallet Stackers fulfill an important need for many warehouses and similar operations. ... Designed to slide under pallets or other flat objects, these pallet stackers give you the ability to lift and position light to heavy loads and transport them over flat surfaces.Manual Hand Stackers are simple economic solution for storage and retrieval of pallets at vertical storage spaces at the least cost. Features and Specs: - Economical Lift to Handle Pallets. ... - Manual Hand Stacker is easier to handle, ensures stability of operation.

It helps to move material safe and fast. It reduces human efforts of manual works. Hand pallet truck is very versatile and useful product in factories , warehouse , shopes, etc. you can use this with pallet or you can directly keep goods on it. It is also use in machine shifting. There are some more type of it i.e. HPT 550 mm, HPT 685 mm, HPT 5 ton, Long Fork Trolley, BOPT - ( Battery Operated Trolley ).


Product Code - NIHPT55030 / NIHPT68530 / NIHPT55050 / NIHPT68550
Make - Nikam
Capacity - 3 / 5 ton
Fork length - 1150 / 1220 mm
Width oer fork - 550 / 685 mm
Wheel - Nylon / PU
Operation - Manual